gog_guru ()

GtkWidget *         gog_guru                            (GogGraph *graph,
                                                         GogDataAllocator *dalloc,
                                                         GOCmdContext *cc,
                                                         GClosure *closure);

CHANGED 0.5.3 : drop the toplevel window argument and have the callers handle widget_show and set_transient

graph :

the graph to edit

dalloc :

The data allocator to use for editing

cc :

Where to report errors

closure :


Returns :

the dialog, and shows new graph guru. [transfer full]

gog_guru_add_custom_widget ()

void                gog_guru_add_custom_widget          (GtkWidget *guru,
                                                         GtkWidget *custom);

gog_guru_get_help_button ()

GtkWidget *         gog_guru_get_help_button            (GtkWidget *guru);

Quick utility to allow application specific help. Required until we clean up the relationship between goffice and gnumeric to decide which parts of the help live where.

guru :

GtkWidget (the result of gog_guru).

Returns :

GtkWidget associated with the gurus help button. [transfer none]